Authentic Italian café, from the heart of Montréal. Family run Since 1970.

In 1970, an Italian immigrant by the name of Rocco Furfaro purchased a coffee machine, a special satellite dish and a pool table for his new business, Café Olimpico.

Originally a place where Rocco and his friends could watch their beloved Azzurri play European football, it soon became a gathering place for the whole neighbourhood—a place where you could enjoy a traditional Italian espresso and find respite from whatever was happening in the outside world.

Over 50 years later, Café Olimpico is still that welcoming space—it’s still family run by people that are passionately committed to the Italian traditions of authenticity, generosity and family. Coffee lovers from all over the world continue to linger around its tables for the quality of the coffee, of course, but also for the moments of pure magic and small kindnesses that can only happen inside Olimpico’s four walls.